5 Things to Give Up to Live the Life You Want

& 5 Things to Nurture

Imagine sitting on your deathbed. Would you be content dying, looking back at how your life turned out? It’s a scary thought—being left with the cold impression of distance between where you are now and where you may never end up if your time dries up to its very last second. So, how can you prevent yourself from being filled with regrets and empty dreams?

1. Give up on instant gratification and the short-term mindset.

There’s a difference between setting short-term goals that help you achieve long-term goals later down the road and setting short-term goals that only give you temporary results. For instance, rather than working on eating healthier and exercising more to achieve the ideal body you want for the summer, why not work on sustaining those healthy habits for life? Perhaps it’s less daunting to make success temporary, so you don’t have to worry about letting yourself down when it fades, but in reality, instant gratification is only as sweet as the candy bar lasts….

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