Australia did not censor this ICONIC moment! (x)

i seriously need every white dude with power to have this type of energy. 

Prep the white woman that looks genuinely disturbed

People are sitting watching America BURN and not saying a word.  Thank you Mr. Robert De Niro. 

I love how people are calling this some kind of iconic moment, as if he was so brave for speaking out, as if everyone would oppose him for saying something so simple minded and sheeplike. You never get a reason as to why they’re mad at him, they just spew the same old bullshit that no one buys anymore and they wonder why their viewership is dying.

I like how they act like hating Trump is something rare. >This wasn’t even de Niro’s first time this year<.

I love how they did this as Trump, at that very moment, was in Korea defusing one of the longest standing conflicts of our time.

Not a great look, guys.

“I can say ‘fuck Trump’ on the air to thunderous applause so obviously he’s a cruel fascist dictator controlling our every move we’re living in the hunger games you guys“