Engaging ryicality Should Rudolph pause before a red so fine? Esch every handmade brickline laid with care No sweater on this earth match'd her desigrn Doff polyester now for wool so fair Nostalgic evenings end by fire's dance Unending chest nuts roasting on the flame Doth time unerringly from thus advance? Enmesh fair memries in your fabric's frame Such understated beauty holds the wreath Just lookl espy her face for beauty more And yonder ribbons dance and light bequeath No trash pullover could so highly soar Each hearth lacks warmth in absence of such heart Ere onto spring l'd never be apart Tuday AM That was very well thought out I really really liked it Trsday M Haha thankall But just wait until you read the first ietter of each ine in the sonnet Taday SAM Dammit You're too clever Ch if anly it ended there See the message I sent after your requesta the one about the amusingly specific selections? Resd the first letter of each word in that sentence Tulay aAM Did not see that one coming Taday AM Oh it only gets worse The message after that one starting with holiday sweaters Write down the first letter of each word but than read it backwards Any other coded messages? Keeps on going fm afraid Check out the sonnet again Read the first letter of the second word in each line Fedau AM Well played at this point she guessed what's ahead and also did this one I got that one Unsurprisingly there's also a secret message it you read the first letter of the third word in each ine Probably for good measure you could olso read the first letter of every message i sent after the sonnet Th SENDNODES NE Sthash especttuy the hmanher Degr I thought I’d peaked before but I was so so wrong… This clearly is the best I’ll ever manage I can’t ever hope to match it Meme



Dr. Seuss








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