My previous post was about the Book of Enoch and the use of terms flying machines in Bible and other ancient texts that describe UFOs or flying machines. People at those times did not have the word or term UFO or a flying saucer. They described these flying machines to the best of their ability often referencing these machines as glowing metal with Spirits inside. I have made several posts about this already. The biggest mistake that most people make is the assumption that these beings are fallen angels or demons. They are not. Those are the terms given by a less Advanced Society looking at a super Advanced Society or super advanced people from another place. These flesh-and-blood beings came to this planet just as the ancient texts from all over the world stated and they interacted with human beings and even married human beings. They ate, they drank, they partied, they had Wars Wars, and they even gave birth to children. Stop using the term Fallen Angel because that is a false term. These beings were flesh-and-blood people just like you and me. They lived and they died. Tens of thousands of remains of these dead Annunaki have been discovered all around the world and their DNA has been tested by many research facilities. The truth about this is well-known. 4biddenknowledge

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