adriennecode: no-chill-at-all: harperandmary: bionicwasok: i think about this video a lot Wtf is going on Hey y’all film crew member here. For those of you asking, they’re running like that to stay out of the shot.  For us crew we TRY OUR HARDEST TO NOT GET FILMED. IT’S IMPORTANT. It’s like playing the floor is lava but with a side of “you’re fired” if you lose too many times.  We’ll do anythING to not be seen. Duck around corners, dive under tables, jump in the bushes, assume fetal position on the floor, climb trees, get in the robot, hide in the trojan horse, become a vampire, you fuckin name it.  My fav game while watching a movie is “guess where the crew is hiding in this shot” it’s great fun you should try it.  The only problem in this particular shot is there is nowhere to hide except behind the camera which IS MOVING REALLY FAST.  Why they didn’t just leave the room I have no idea. it could be any number of reasons. Time, lack of proper equipment, need to supervise/direct, etc.  The real question is how the hell did Gaga not fucking lose it seeing a herd of film nerds scamper desperately in circles behind the camera

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