20M am a college student living with four other guys my age It's our second year living together and last year we had an issue with people eating food that isn't theirs so now we have a strict label your stuff and only eat things with your name on it policy My girlfriend and I like to get a bit frisky in the bedroom and a few nights ago I dipped my penis in peanut butter and she licked it off Yes I understand that it is slightly bizarre but that's how we roll The controversy is that since we have a mouse problem l did not want to leave the peanut butter in my bedroom so afterwards I closed it and returned it to my kitchen cupboard Note that it had a huge PeanutButterDilemma label on it so it was clear that it belonged to me One of my roommates tells me yesterday oh by the way I had some of your peanut butter He sees my visibly shocked reaction and asks what's up so ultimately I come clean about the whole deal He's furious and says why the fuck would you put it back in the kitchen I remind him of the mouse situation and our policy not to have other people's labelled foods This is the first time all year that somebody has had my labelled food and informed me after the fact He said it was just some peanut butter on his bread it's not like he was taking full chicken breasts from me My house is split 32 on who is in the wrong and it's spilling over into other aspects of our living situation We need to get over this pronto so l am asking AITA? INFO We have sort of divvied up cupboards so it was kept in my space It wasn't in a communal cupboard Laura Shortridge-Scott jingles Follow @DiscordianKitty Never thought I'd say this but I'm on peanut butter penis guy's side here Am I the Asshole? @AITA_reddit gtisteche AITA for putting my penis in peanut butter and leaving it in the kitchen? bitly20AO D PN dny la wj s g ul Show this thread il n f deedeag 906 AM - 30 Nov 2019 36496 Retweets 170135 Likes finalfortuna gahdamnpunkThis was a ride ⚰️⚰️ THIS is why you don’t eat other people’s food Meme



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