741797107 6 min ago 30 year old NEET wake up at 2pm had accident in sleep which I rolled around in grab cum-towel off nightstand and do my best to wipe the mess from my folds of fat tummy gurgles loudly so hungry plop out of bed navigate through shit jugs and piss bottles in my room 1020 kB JPG waddle downstairs to check GBP board wait a minute to catch my breath before l look just enough Good Boy Points for some tendies and sauce! legs buckle under own weight roll myself into the living room where mummy is watching her favorite soap opera mummy mummy I have enough Good Boy Points for some tendies! >she turns to me with the most disqusting look on her face while I lay flat on the ground stuggling to get up s-sure honey le-let me just get some tendies for you' she struggles to go to the kitchen without vomitting from the smell and sight of my obese putrid feces and semen covered she pulls the tendies out of the freezer after letting the oven heat up as she begins to cry into the sink I roll over and pull myself up to my high chair that starts to creak as I sit down have my crayons and Ninja Turtles coloring book to occupy me while I wait the tendies are finally done and she puts them on my plate she can't hold back the vomit as I open my mouth to eat some tendies and vomits all over my plate I can't let these tendies go to waste so l eat them along with the vomit yummy wummy tendies in my tummy thanks mummy do my best to muster a smile but the rows of decaying teeth only disgust mummy further high-chair finally breaks from my heft causes me to have another accident mum runs away to her room sobbing uncontrollably so ashamed of her baby boy I just sit there on floor in my own filth thinking about what a disappointment I am mfw Anon is a dissapointment Meme











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