Bih........ The only thing in yo belly is grilled Stuffed Burritos, Chimichangas, Rocky Road Ice Cream, Sour Cream And Union Potato Chips, Meat Lovers Pizza, Chitlins, Diet RC Colas and Skeet.....Talm bout "9 months pregnant with Jesus" Biiiiiiiiihhhh..... if you don't take yo 07' Gucci Mane Belly having ass somewhere and sit down!! You the one who went crazy once someone seen that Lil Pudge of belly flapping over your belt line and asked you "How many months are you due" and after you heard that you got mad and snapped.... Ain't nothing in yo belly but Fart Gas, Moonshine, Bud Light Beers, Possums and Stale Frosted Flakes..... Ain't nun in yo belly but 2 year old Halloween Candy, Flamming Hot Funyuns, Cigarette Buds, Left over Waffle House and Balled up Homework bih.... Ain't nothing in yo belly but Empty Pez Dispensers, Expired Chips Ahoy Cookies, Citgo Gas Station Hot Dogs, and Free Food Court Mall Samples.... Ain't nothing in yo belly but bloated intestines, 9 swallowed Tongue Ring Backs, Pubes, and I think I gotta take a shit...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ CaptionKing niggasbelike niggazbelike lol lmao rotfl rotflmao hellnaw bitchezbelike bitchesbelike nochillbutton nochill toofunny toomuch funny icant mood hilarious jokes bruhh bruh facts deadass ohmygod whodidthis

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Gucci Mane


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