bscully: sneepysnape: roseverdict: 3-ducks-in-a-trenchcoat: The look on her face when she realizes Transcript: A college-age woman with a microphone is interviewing a man on the street, likely a fellow student. Over the audio of them speaking, some background music is playing of the “something funny is about to happen, but for now things are calm” variety. Woman: What do you think about starting an initiative on campus, here at UK, to be more inclusive to women who have penises, and we can put urinals in the women’s restroom for them? Man: Sounds fantastic. Woman: Oh, is it? Man: Yeah. Woman: Okay, what about-? Let’s take it one step closer, y'know, more for inclusivity here on campus, about free tampons and pads in the men’s restroom for men who have periods? Man: Sounds great. Woman: Okayyy. You don’t see anything wrong with those statements? Man: No. Woman: What men do you know with periods? Man, overlapping slightly with Woman: -the general use ones, like at Willy T’s(?), I use ‘em pretty often- (transcriber couldn’t quite catch everything, sorry!) At this point the video freezes on a still of the woman, who’s in the middle of realizing she was trying to get transphobic answers out of a trans man the whole time, and is thoroughly gobsmacked. Flabbergasted, even. The background music picks up and could very well be a video game boss theme for a classical-music-themed boss. I don’t know the song, sadly. According to the notes, the song is Kira’s theme from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. End transcript. It’s not Willy T, I think it’s Building D! Either way, thanks for the transcript Tbh separated stalls, urinals, female hygiene products, baby-changing rooms and also bidets should be standard in all restrooms

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