CDC Commits Scientific Fraud, Inflicts Vaccine Violence Among African American Children In Shocking Exposé. In a shocking discovery that’s sure to send ripples through the medical community, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, revealed that Dr. JulieGerberding, the former head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) actively participated in willful scientific fraud in order to bury clinical evidence linking the MMR vaccine to a 340% increase in autism among African American children. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, for more than a decade, the CDC and its top scientists have been actively conspiring to cover up the fact that MMR vaccines can cause autism among AfricanAmerican babies. Documents in the possession of Adams reveal that Gerberding and other CDC officials intentionally hid the truth about the vaccines. And, as a reward for all her efforts, Gerberding has been granted a lucrative executive position at vaccine maker Merck, where she still works today. The CDC whistleblower who attempted to reveal this huge conspiracy was said to have been reprimanded by CDC leaders themselves, for having had the courage to tell the truth. Furthermore, those CDC scientists who perpetrated the cover-up, including Coleen Boyle — the Director of the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities ( NCBDDD) at the CDC — were granted a coveted award from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services “ Autism Public Health Response Team” for keeping their mouths shut about the scientific fraud they helped perpetrate. You see, that’s how things really work at the CDC: Suppress the truth, punish scientists who might attempt to speak up, perpetrate a massive public health fraud and then reward those who keep their mouths shut. What is especially heinous and disturbing about these revelations is that the CDC had in its possession irrefutable data linking MMR vaccines to autism in African American children. 4biddenknowledge ☕🐸

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