tani-b-art: swolizard: Serena Williams standing up for herself while referee accuses her of cheating. She had been docked points for coaching that didn’t happen. This is so….so much deeper than what’s on the surface. This umpire basically accused her of cheating! And penalized her for his accusations. This is touchy for Serena being that they have been conspiring against her for the longest with the whole drug testing. She’s had it with them opposing her with no merit or basis! SHE HAS NEVER CHEATED which has been proven time after time with those negative results. and to accuse her of that during this game is why she is extremely and rightfully emotional! The pain and humiliation in her voice says it all. It really hurt her for him to accuse her of that so publicly too. He announced it during the match on the mic to everyone and now that’s like a stain on this moment forever. That’s why she’s demanding he apologize to her and say it over the loudspeaker. To set the record straight that she didn’t do what he alleged. Honestly she has faced the most her entire career and her mental fortitude to endure it and still be dominant is a miracle. ALWAYS A QUEEN (this match was painful angering to watch)

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Serena Williams




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