May Allah bless him 😂❤ I think by now you can probably tell how much I love kids. When they're young kids just love to follow what their parents and their family do. When they see you on the prayer mat praying they wanna come join you, they wanna put their head on the ground and pray top (or just jump and climb on your back 😂), either way when they observe you they wanna follow you. When they see you reciting Quran they wanna sit down in front of a book and pretend to read too. When they see you doing dhikr on the tasbeeh they want their own set of tasbeeh to recite on too..... . These things may seem small but you've got to nurture them from a young age. When they teach them A B C and stories in school you've got to be sat with them and teach them ا ب ت and stories of the prophets and the sahaba. They will have no idea what they are doing at that time but when they grow up and learn it'll be more of a habit to pray and to read and follow the commands of Allah. If you raise up pious children they can be the reason for you entering jannah. May Allah bless us all with beautiful pious children, Ameen 🙂.