Fox News A DELTA DENTAL HEy LOOK HOW MUCH SKINNERMAKES $25000 A YEAR HE'S 40 YEARS OLD TIMES 25 GRAND WHOA! HE'S AMILLIONAIRE! PLUS IN THE SUMMER HE PAINTS HOUSES HE'S A BILLIONAIRE A BLWIONATRE callmegoddess618 prochoice-or-gtfo tempest-caller myfatfuckingface vice-s-assistant reverseracism mysharona1987 Reminds me of the time they tried to claim she grow up in *this* house and was therefore a pampered limousine liberal The gas-lighting here is off the charts And now Souh funny story about that last part to this Dude bro who post this on Twitter…is kind of a real fucking creep Posts a lot of female DC staffersgovernment employees body parts and makes creepy comments about them Also writes for the Washington Examiner and still is as of writing this Go fucking figure People who have never struggled financially have no idea what it looks like They think everyone who lives in poverty should be constantly covered in dirt and tattered rags 🙄🙄🙄 I can’t tell you how many times people told me I wasn’t poor because “If you were you couldn’t afford x thing” where “x thing” was usually something I absolutely could not afford normally but either got as a gift got at a massively reduced price in a garage sale or thrift store or found somewhere for free Some of my furniture for example is stuff people were throwing away despite being in perfectly good condition like my TV It’s one of those older box TVs that are absurdly big Owning stuff isn’t a sign of anything half the time And uh it’s not like she could go to work in rags! Lots of poor people have to buy or rent dress clothes for work That doesn’t mean shit It’s just how the world works Also that house they’re showing is so small and looks old? It probably isn’t worth much But it’s also rural so she’d HAVE to go to whatever city was closest for things like groceries or school probably How does that prove anything about her upbringing? People really don’t know what poor is Wow ❄💙 Bella 💙❄ I own quite a few nice looking items of clothes Some of them were gifts others were thrifted some are quality replicas of unaffordable items I still struggle to make my rent every month and I have zero savings but most people would not know that by looking at mePoverty doesn’t have to be rags and begging outside the subway station It can be the grad student eating nothing but mashed potatoes for a week Ocasio-Cortez’s opponents are just looking for whatever they can to criticize her-V Seriously All of my leggings and half of my dresses are Lularoe They are all gifts from my mom my step mom my sister and my dad Meme






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