I had to turn off the heating in the house, turn the brightness down on my phone, disconnect my landline phone, adjust the temperature on my fridge and turn off the lights in my room and lock the door... just to make sure I can focus all my senses into understanding this guy ... once i focused all my energy on my hearing sense... I realised that he is actually speaking English.... listen to the bars some of them actually make sense .......for example ......"giving me brain and I'm thinking too fast, Hannibal lecter I put on that mask"..... another example ...."I'm gripping that Mac and if you run up, a whole clip in your ass"...... but the best bar I deciphered from this freestyle is when he said...."your bitch sucking dick while she's doing the dishes"....... now I'm about to put on my dating profile ...." I want a chick who can suck dick while doing the dishes.... we just gotta figure out how that will work.. would I need to stand over the sink butt naked... while you scrub the plates and I slap my dick on your nose... anyways if you want to get to know me hit me up and we'll figure it out on our first date"

Butt Meme Meme




Hannibal Lecter







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