did-someone-say-disney: allmyhanddrawnsoul: This gifset shows how Gabriella gives Ariel a sign name based on her long hair, notice how she use the first letter of Ariel’s name in sign form (letter ‘A’) to ‘write/draw’ with both hands the hair of our favorite redhead.  In Deaf culture and sign language, a sign name (or a name sign) is a special sign that is used to uniquely identify a person, just like a name.  Name signs come in all forms. Some are based on the person’s birth name or initials. Some are based on their physical features or personality traits. And other name signs might be based on the person’s interests. 👏this👏is👏important👏Disney👏why👏don’t👏you👏do👏shit👏like👏this👏any👏more👏