FIX YOUR PAIN TRIGGERS . 😣Pain happens for a reason. Most people see pain as a bad thing, but it's actually great and very useful. Let me explain. . Pain is a signal for change. In very simple terms, the reason you often feel pain is because you did something that your brain perceived as a threat.😨 So it gives you the pain sensation to get you to stop doing that. . If you train with crappy technique and repetitively irritate or overload an area, your brain may associate that movement with pain to get you to chill out and let it calm down. . Listen to this! The first thing you should do if a movement doesn't feel right is grab your 📲phone, film yourself, and see what's going on. See if you can figure out why it's there. Then lighten the load and fix it. Don't just jump on the foam roller, stretch it out, and go back to bad habits.🙅 That just leads to reexacerbation down the road. And if you can't figure it out, get some help. We have a lot of great rehab people out here willing to help. . Tag someone who needs a form fix and share the wealth! . MyodetoxOrlando Myodetox

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