Me, after catching a whiff of pizza 🤤😍 [Editor’s Note: been seeing a lot of people posting the meme where Little Caesar’s using DiJiorno pizza. Look. Lemme me clear as HECC. Lil Skeezers is bae. Lil Skeezer will always be bae. I’m loyal. That double pizza joint for a big a$$ Family where we had hella kids boy we had to eat! If a place give u two pizzas and the place next door give u only one (1) and u got mouths to feed whatchu gon do? Lil Skeezer could serve me a piece of WONDER white bread with ketchup squirted on it and a small sprinkle of mozzarella and I would bite into it and shed a single tear because that’s my childhood bro. I’m eating hand crafted real Italian pizza at Bonci in Chicago now (both West Side location AND bucktown location boy u catch me at either - eating a mozzarella di bufalla joint with a fizzy Italian lemonade on deck EARLY *Philly freeway voice* 😂. But regardless of what pizza heights I reach by the Grace of God imma always love Skeezers it’s like when u see a celebrity date another fancy celebrity but then go back to they baby mama or baby daddy THAT’S HOW WE BUILT, SOMETIME IT’S HARD TO MOVE ON BC IT FEEL LIKE HOME, THAT FAMILIARITY IS COMFORTING. I KNOW I TOOK THIS WAY TOO FAR BUT THERE U GO, BLESS UP 😍😂❤️]

Baby daddy Meme Meme

baby daddy


Bless up








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