I know people love to give puppies as presents on holidays bc they cute but keep in mind they cutely poop on the couch and pee down the heat - AC vent lol check out pet finder aka pet tinder and get your loved one a lovely doggo who can live out his or her last years with love. “But smash they’ll die and my kids will be sad! 😢” Well bish listen lol. That’s the thing. People were never sheltered from death. Their grandpa would die. Their dad would die. Their horse would die. Their mule would die. They pup would die. That was life 100+ years ago. Now we shelter all the bb’s from death and are they happier or more well adjusted? 🤔 FVCK NAH ... We’re less well adjusted than we ever been 😂. Don’t worry. Five or six year old doggie ain’t finna die tmrow plus he was already in a home before coming to the shelter so he or she usually house trained. Consider it, beloveds! “Smash my girlfriend Kelsey wants a pure bred newborn retriever she doesn’t want an adult doggie she’s doesn’t even like most dogs she’s very specific u wouldn’t understand sorry.” Aye I feel u bro! But Kelsey might be trash - I didn’t say she’s trash - she might be Mother Theresa - I said ‘might’!!! 🤷‍♂️😂. Just as there is tinder for pets called pet finder it’s also a tinder for humans called “regular a$$ tinder” - I never been on it bc I’m bold - stupid - reckless Enuf to ask girls out at whole food - traders joe - the gym - Costco - hotel lobby - intelligentsia coffee - the doctor’s office 🤦‍♂️😂 but it work - U might could find a comely lass with artful tattoos, hygienic nether regions and a love of old boyes - bam - dont Short yaself, YOLO Bless up 😍❤️😂

Anaconda Meme Meme


Bless up









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