blackcrystalsrpg: We are a day or two (timezones lel) away from the new year. Where has this year gone? I just remember attending Katy Perry’s New Year concert last year like it was yesterday!! I want to thank everyone who have stuck with me on this long gamedev journey, and I apologize if I do not engage as much as I can online and for not being able to get the game out as quick as people are expecting. I appreciate your kindness and patience. This game is very special to me, and I hope when its out you guys feel the same way about it as I do. We are closing 2018 with 2350+ followers here and 450 on Twitter. Thank you all so very much and here’s to a new year filled with Crystals! So I am not normally one for writing progress reports and reflections and stuff like that, but I felt that I owe it to my followers to know where this project is currently at and where its headed in 2019, so I wrote a bunch of questions I feel people may be thinking, and answered them…. Here we go! (under the cut~!) Keep reading