HOW TO CRASH-LAND A PLANE ON WATER These instructions apply to small passenger propeller planes not commercial airliners 1 Take your place at the controls If the plane has dual controls the pilot will be in the left seat Sit on the right If the plane has only one set of controls and the pilot is unconscious remove the pilot from the pilot's seat Securely fasten your seat belt 2 Put on the radio headset if there is one and call for help There will be a control button on the yoke the plane's steering wheel or a CB-like microphone on the instrument panel Depress the button to talk release it to listen Say Mayday! Mayday! and give your situation destination and plane call numbers which should be printed on the top of the instru- ment panel If you get no response try again on the emergency channel 1215 The person on the other end should be able to talk you through proper landing procedures If you cannot reach someone to talk you through the landing process you will have to do it alone beading airspeed indicator altimeter fuel gauge yoke throttle landing gear 3 Get your bearings and identify the instruments YOKE This is the steering wheel and it should be in front of you The yoke turns the plane and controls its pitch Pull back on the column to bring the nose up push forward to point it down Turn it left to turn the plane left turn it right to turn the plane right The yoke is very sensitive-move it only an inch or two in either direction to turn the plane While cruising the nose of the plane should be about three inches below the horizon ф awesomage The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook Man Skills Meme

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