hrovitnir: rokirovka: theminism: raveger: enrique262: captain-price-official: marcommarco: inzertbreaks: tomroughneck: Meanwhile in Russia annyi. gente decisa The bigger vehicle has right of way. Russians cannot into chill. This is what I call a satisfying video @rokirovka blease tell me what these poor benighted motherfuckers are saying @theminism tbf speakers 1 and 2 seem like pretty reasonable people… i can’t really translate much of what the benighted motherfuckers involved are saying since they’re farther away (and swearing is hard to translate) but here goes nothing lmao just for you speaker 1: What, they can’t drive out of each other’s way? speaker 2: It looks like they can’t drive out of each other’s way. There’s not enough space. And they’re fighting. speaker 1: They should have just pulled off and let the excavator go first. speaker 2 [interrupting]: Of course. speaker 1: What the heck are they doing over there speaker 2: What the heck speaker 1: Woah woah what the heck okay wow speaker 2: What the hell [gets out of car] Hey, hey guys! What the f[this is where the beep comes in] are you doing! speaker 3: Don’t take pictures! speaker 2: I’m filming! speakers 3 and 4: [inaudible] Don’t take pictures! Put the phone away! speaker 2: Guys, calm down! [the reckoning arrives] speakers 3 and 4: [general yelling] No no no! f[beep]! Wow! Wow! [yelling continues inaudibly] speaker 2: Wow guys! [laughs] Fuck, dudes! Wow you messed up! [laughs] now that, man, is a fuck up! Motherf[beep]! Get ‘em! Oh man, thank you so much for the translation.

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