Why I’m happy I got casted for the show: First of all I fell in love with Brooklyn that’s my second home. Since I moved from Haiti to Brooklyn I never left my heart beats for Brooklyn as much as my heart beats for Haiti so when I heard about the show I knew that’s the show I want to jump on not knowing what it was really about but when they started filming I really love how they make the struggle and the hustle look beautiful and it’s something for the culture just to show young entertainers they not alone we all struggle, we all have our demons. I also love the way they capture my culture and Brooklyn everything is so authentic and real and it all happen right here in the heart of Brooklyn ... Of course it wouldn’t be reality tv if there was no drama but besides the drama this one is for the culture .. thaA lot of us are not happy with where we are in life but we can’t let that stop us from living. Most people are struggling Most people don’t have their shit together.. Most people are going Thru it does that mean u give up no don’t let yourself take u in this dark place.. We both know what I’m talking about struggling is part of life but nothing is temporary.. Just thought of that bc some of my friends been telling me they not really happy with where they are in liIfe. Be patient nks @bet.. thanks @raye6 .. thanka@to Robyn and woody.. the entire production thank u bet hustleinbk wshh theshaderoom thecutlife