I was falling off crazy when 2018 started shit I was broke, I was losing friends, I was lowkey depressed, I was losing patience bc people started looking at me as a failure n I started to believe it ...... my social media was slowing down n that’s a part of my income.... people on instagram I reached out to like Kapri didn’t wanna work with me bc they thought they were better than me.. I was lost and not knowing where to go from there ... I was so closed to go get a 9-5 bc nothing was happening but I kept praying is funny when my friends think I don’t pray n I probably pray the hardest out of no where @danieljean56 told me about the new show that’s about to be on Bet n he said u should try out n I thought it was gonna be another bullshit but he pushed me to do it n I did n it works ... everything started falling back into place that’s when I decided maybe I should take my comedy more seriously n see what’s out there for me even tho I was broke I kept going.. What I’m trying to say is don’t give up bc even tho u fallling off bc if I had gave up I will just be another failure story.. Never give up it’s okay to make mistake, it’s okay not to be perfect, it’s okay to take a break just don’t stay down... when u stay down that’s when u lose... when I wake up n feel inspired I like to make other people feel inspired blessed thankful wshh thecutlife