writeonthrough: Quiet and shy people who take the leap to participate, who wish to participate more but they’re leaping as far as the hearts will allow them to are role models to everyone. In our crazy-active, crazy-talented fandom, it’s often hard to do more than that, honesty. Taking the leap to participate and then turning your participation into a light for others, especially when you might be in a dark place yourself, is an admirable and amazing quality. The world would be a better place, not only if more people did that, but if the people who already do that knew their leaps are seen and appreciated by the community around them. Ashley (@hailhydrating) is someone who constantly takes the leap out of the darkness to give light to other people. She is also someone who gives so selflessly she doesn’t even realize her gifts are received. Ashley constantly presses the heart button on works in our fandom, constantly reblogs those works, and constantly notices the people who take leaps around her. Ashley celebrated fanfiction appreciation day with a wonderfully humble and deeply personal note to Fitzsimmons writers. She is a Fitzsimmons Angel: An outstanding member of our Fitzsimmons Community whose work is not widely known, but still manages to encourage, celebrate, and love the members (and their works) who might seem to have more of a presence in our community. A Fitzsimmons Angel spreads love throughout the fandom without asking or expecting anything in return, making the community a better place for all of us. So, be sure to send Ashley some love today! Either by rebloging and or replying to this post or sending her a personalize thank you message.