21 SEPTEMBER 2014754 PM The Wave hoax assures iPhone users that they can charge their Apple devices by microwaving them Anyone who has passed grade school no doubt knows or has even experienced first hand the destruction caused from putting metal and plastic in the microwave But when a legit looking hoax tells iPhone users they can charge their phones by microwaving them more than a few rubes fell for the rather cruel prank and are showcasing their destroyed devices via Twitter jadaa @iPunchhBabiies USE WAVE THEY SAID IT'LL CHARGE YOUR IPHONE IN THE MICROWAVE THEY SAID 16h £7116 *128 Carmela & The Beast @CarmelaMarciano Follow Anyone naive enough to put their phone in a microwave to charge it deserves whatever happens to them 1242 AM - 20 Sep 2014 1 RETWEET わ27 ★ Magnetic Man @JordanBeeTheGee Follow Omgggg that wave thing for iOS 8 just blew my microwave up 1142 PM 19 Sep 2014 98 RETWEETS 76 FAVORITES nick @Fallenbot Follow I tried using the new IOS 8 feature WAVE where you can charge your phone with a microwave does not work @Apple 143 AM-19 Sep 2014 1706 RETWEETS 946 FAVORITES ChristianRenee @Cee_Payton Follow Just when I think he gets no dumber he try's charging his phone using a microwave #anyonecangetahsdiploma 422 PM-4 Jul 2014 3 RETWEETS 3 FAVORITES fullmetalnegro ricflairsniece panduh-burr alexandertherager trusting-the-disgusting concertotodick This is absolutely fantastic Marvellous Jesus… Lol!!! Fucking idiots Good Smh Meme











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