An intact nuclear family starts with a marriage and then adds children to the mix. But in a blended family, the children are there at the beginning; they pre-date the marriage. This brings a much different dynamic to the table. In these situations, I believe kids need to be included in the dating and selection process of a mate. Without empowering the children beyond their capacity, blended family relationships simply work much better if the children feel as though they are part of the courtship experience. This is even more important when they have had a difficult time with the separation of their biological parents. After the wedding, it is crucial that the relationship between husband and wife in a blended marriage become a top priority – even a higher priority than the children. Why? Because strong families aren’t built around children – they are built upon strong marriages. In order for any marriage to be strong you have to prioritize it, work on it, continue to pursue each other, and meet each other’s needs. This is just as true in a blended marriage as in a first marriage. LoveQuotes MarriageGoals LoveNotes RelationshipQuotes Kings Queens love RelationshipGoals Proverbs31Woman DearFutureWife LoveLanguage HopelessRomantic Sex RelationshipAdvice Dating DearFutureHusband VirtuousWoman God spiritual prayer