richkingx: lulu-lahotpockets: 2019alreadycominforme: ntrtloveless: magicredhead: thedivinepineapple: the-pump-king: sleepy-psyduck: thedivinepineapple: lubricates: INDEED, GOD IS A WOMAN Shaggy got thicc I feel like you people have zero understanding of what thicc actually is but a post about Shaggy is not the place for this discourse No we are fucking doing this here. @thedivinepineapple There is no thicc anything here. Wherever you thought the definition of thicc applied to this, slap the person who made you think that and then yourself. Thicc shaggy is a religion Thin body+giant tits =\= thicc Those titties aint even big, what is that a 34 C lol please. I’m…. Y'all are actually arguing over what thicc means on a shaggy post?! Reblog if you have bigger tits than god I CANNOT DEAL WITH YALL!! PLEASE SEEK THE LORD 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Hello, yes? Inquisition? I demand an Exterminatus on this Post