My American patriots this invasion of migrants has been planned for a while by a group hermanos sin fronteras funded by George Soros and the Democrat party in California. This is a distraction to attack Donald Trump Success and powerful economy by deflecting the governments failure to secure our borders and portraying him as an evil dictator for protecting us and not letting these criminals come through. What begin with 1000 now could be as big as 42000 and the closer they get to our border the bigger their caravan gets. The Mexicans did not secure their border, they send a dozen cops and all they are doing is sending them in sections. The invasion is filled with MS13, Terrorists, Military from south American government who are providing the left media real time correspondence. The leaders of this invasion is paying each individual as they move closer and also providing them with water, medical aid etc. The democrats are using this like before to attack Donald Trump on his immigration policies and to distract the election fraud from the democrats using non citizens to vote during our elections. We must send the Militia to the border if we cannot get our troops. Every American Citizens should be up in Arms. I call on the arrest of the leaders of Hermanos Sin Fronteras and freeze all of their assets until an investigation on this treasonable act has been made.-