IT Information Systems Technician Verified Service Member E6 in 3 years? Is there such thing as making rank too soon? O 3 y · 78496 Views < My Feed My Topics Answers Command Post In school I was involved in AFJROTC and in Vo-tech program I had already gotten into it and been it a couple years There was some rule about couldn't do the ROTC and Vo-techgee what if a kid wanted to be an Aircraft mechanicif the school offered it it'd be a great fitvo-tech and had to do total scademicsin my school distric and I was doing a culinary catering and Restaurant Mgt I was working in My Great Aunts Restaurant and apprenticed to her since I already bee in vo-tech a couple years and doing good in that and academics they let me be I had a urge and did studying on satisfying that urge my ROTC advisors and commmandant assisted me every way they could in my endeavor I kept hings quiet from my totally Civilian teacher's as I Knew a few who would like to throw a wrench in the plans The spring before I joined Reserves I took the ASVAB One of the Recruiters brought a box of them forty of us took it and did very well Lwas told mine would be good un to and < My Feed Answers Command Post My Topics did very well I was told mine would be good up to and including my signup and enlistment On my 17th B'day I signed the paperwork and the parents signed too that Wed I went to Meps and did pre-physical and some other tests on Friday was final and a couple tests one was final drug test and taking the oath and then going to Texas While there a couple weeks in I took a SKT For Cook3 level 100% It took about 45 min We were allowed 1hr-45 min So I had to kill some time Are you sure one of the SSGTS who was one of the test proctors They packed it off to Maxwell AFBAir Universsity a week later it was back I had my Skill level it was a mere formality I had 2 + years apprenticeship for to be a Chef That certificate got me the SKT test When I reported to my unit they could waive my OJT Time as a 3 level When I got there The TSGT who was the unit Training NCO found a set of CDCS of a Amn they kicked out that hadn't even started them hmm good references to the AFs Food Services Program She ordered my 5 level books when I called her the day I was on my way home those took a week or so When I got back home I had my A1C thst I earned via The ROTC I had to get back in school Do my Senior year one of those teachers was a new counselor just not my counselor She gave me a hard time you heard the song I got friends in low places? I got them in high places The district Superintendent The State Superintendent The AFROTC Commandant well my former Com She wouldn't be a problem I had other adult friends in influential positions I saved them for real important stuff but only if I Really needed them That year I busted butt to behave or at least not get caught ! No Major discrepancies or Felonies Our Vo-tech had some separate buildings One of them was a commercial kitchen My Aunt taught a few classes there I mostly worked at her establish- ment I had the run of her restaurant I knew almost every Command Post My Topics My Feed Answers Nook Had keys too I had one more school year To go of apprenticeship I was logging a lot of hours One day the Vo-tech lady came in Aunty was in her office A real one not a 4x7 cubicle I had the Cubicle What are you doing Mr Herrst? I'm check'g temps record'g and get these roasts out of the ovens She asked where Chef Evelyn was in her office doing a plan for an affair we are catering in the next week I had 2 other 2d semester students i was explaining to about the temperatures Isn't Chef Evelyn supposed to do that? She asked and jotting in her notebook Anyway later I had a Drill coming up i'd already been to get my Cook uniforms and the parachute shop people tailored them for me put my emblems on Already for next week I seen Vo-Tech lady Looking at the schedule Aunty Had me on as a JR Chef Vo-tech lady was writing s'thing else accord'g to her that put me over the other Vo-tech Chef-trainee's I moved closer to over hear better Aunty was out of her office and by the board Va tachladu lat her knauake didn't llke ne II < My Feed My Topics Answers Command Post Vo-techlady let her know she didn't like me having the JR Chef with my name the other Studentsthere were more than the two I had working with me Just had PCT prob Chef trainand the name Vo-tech lady was a SJW social justice warriortype people Which is a pain in the kazoo Through the Semester I had some extra time off My Reserve Training NCO and the 1SGTher husband Set me up to do extra drill-time after ask'g others if they wanted it One other SSGT and I went I got back late and took an extra half day of school off Sol I missed Vo-tech Culinary lab could rest So Aunty didn't teach that day which I Was not aware of The Vo-tech lady marked me unexcused absence I called and then handed off to mom She Vetted me That wasn't good enough I walked into Aunty's kitchen She told me Vo-tech lady was in my cubicle waiting I went in and she's sitting in my executive chair With the vibrator back and neck massager Where were you this morn'g Chefthat shocked me awake Your mother said you aot back from drill late Sun niaht I aot vou My Feed Answers Command Post My Topics unexcused So you should be at the Vo-tech study-lab Next time Vo-tech lady I got a lot of work to do! She tried suspending me from Vo-tech before and it didn't happen She grabbed her books and saddlebag and left in a huff yeah My bad on that It seems she had a few friends in high places too Her Military friend was a retired Army Colonel So what kind of pull would he have? I'm AF Reserve ! He seemed to still have Plenty He had friendsassociates in Regular AF Reserve and ANG along with his Army friends So l'm awaiting a call from one of my people it didn't come yet ! in fact I don't remember it ever coming maybe s'body put a little note somewhere I can find out I was in my regular Study Hall and had a CdC volume and bookletalong with my School book I got my CDC inside the notebook and the monitor comes over ahem Meme











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