Oh yes I am.... sharing two preaching clips in one night! ­čśťSomebody is gonna get free tonight! You hear me?!?! Y'all choose to follow me everyday and I don't take that lightly. God has given me a mandate to get you healed and better. To walk in your purpose and calling after the storm. This is for Somebody that's been stuck in sadness and depression for their WHOLE life! Carrying that victim mentality like you'll win an award for it.. just FYI.. you wont!! When we realize, we are the main components in our life story.. and we are the ones stopping ourselves! Not our EX's, our daddies, our mamas, not our old bully bosses, not our best friends that slept with our husbands and stole them from us... none of that! nobody else controls you, but YOU! God created you to be resilient. To grow through hard times. TO Get up and LIVE!!! To use your mess as your message. Not fall into depression. Stop and stay stuck! He even says in the Bible... the rain falls on the just and the unjust. That means life is gonna SUCK sometimes... but He created you to WIN and make it! Come out better and not bitter. You just need to make up your mind you won't be a statistic and make a change! Break generational curses right NOW! Be the change you want to see! realtalkkimvideo realtalkkim realtalk god redemption peace hope iamwomanconf

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