paradise-dream222: libertarirynn: paradise-dream222: flyandfamousblackgirls: Shae Scott: “This is why I don’t date ugly guys..” I’ve dated an ugly guy before and he was just a WASTE of my time. He didn’t get cocky, but he should’ve been a lil more appreciative of me. Seeing that no other girl would even look at him before I did. Holy fuck y’all are conceited. Those men are dodging bullets. @libertarirynn Lol lemme clarify my statement was very limited to what truly went down in that relationship. Him being unattractive to me was just on the surface. He did also turn out to be jealous, an alcoholic, and very controlling as well. My expectations then (age 18) were on the selfish side because I felt that an “ugly” guy would basically worship a pretty girl, seeing that he hadn’t dated many girls before me. Also I desperately wanted to be in a relationship because of my foolish insecurities. Trust me I take the L and I understand that it was apart of my karma the overall outcome, because I went about that relationship all wrong. BUT he is still at fault for being a terrible boyfriend, because even though now I can openly say I wasn’t attracted to him. I did not mistreat him at all, I never told him to his face I thought he was ugly. It was my internal feelings towards him. OK then the issue is that he’s a shitty boyfriend, not that he’s ugly. So why are you bringing up his “ugliness” as though that’s a factor for why relationship didn’t work out or acting like he should’ve worshiped you because you were more attractive? He could’ve been handsome as fuck and still had all of those personality flaws you mentioned.

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