Double tap and tag a friend! ViewPreviousPost WATCH FULL VIDEO ON FACEBOOK! (Link in bio) SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE! @conspiracyfiles YouTube Three ancient pyramids have been discovered in the Antarctic by a team of American and European scientists. Two of the pyramids were discovered about 16 kilometers inland, while the third one was very close to the coastline. A few pictures were posted on some web-sites with a commentary that the strange structures could serve evidence that the ice-covered continent used to be warm enough to have had an ancient civilization living there. At the current moment little is still known about the pyramids. If researchers prove the pyramids are man-made structures, the discovery may bring about the biggest revision of human history ever made. Meanwhile, a number of strange but interesting discoveries have been made lately in the Antarctic. In 2009 climate scientists found particles of pollen there, which could possibly testify that palm trees once grew in Antarctica and summer temperatures reached 21C. Three years later, in 2012, scientists from Nevada’s Desert Research Institute identified 32 species of bacteria in samples of waters of Lake Vida in East Antarctica. “Can it be possible that Antarctica was once warm enough in the recent past to actually have had an ancient civilization living there? And even more perplexing is the question of if an advanced culture did develop there, are there any structures still remaining that are buried underneath the ice? I will let you be the judge on if these pictures truly display artificial pyramids or just the rocky tops of mountains but the images are intriguing and definitely warrant further research in my opinion. (Comment your thoughts below👇🏼) ConspiracyFiles ConspiracyFiles2 CorporationSlayer PyramidsInAntarctica Pyramid Antarctica AdvancedCivilization UFO Aliens Area51 NewWorldOrder IlluminatiPuppets Illuminati SatanicIndustry ConspiracyFact Conspiracy ConspiracyTheory ConspiracyTheories ConspiracyFiles Follow back up page! @conspiracyfiles2 Follow @uniformedthugs Follow @celebrityfactual Follow @zerochiills