Commonplace Fun httpscommonplacefactswordpresscom > Mobile-friendly - May 8 2015 - Herbie Goes Bananas the 1980 film about a Volkswagen Beetle that is Few could have guessed however that it would play a part in one of the worst nuclear disasters in history astrofyre grimelords the internet is a cauldron that you speak your wishes into and then watch on in horror as they come bubbling to the surface Ok so this was too wild for me to see and not know the context so i just looked up the article and apparently there was a nuclear site in brazil that shifted its location in 1985 abandoning its old one but the court ordered private security to be held over the abandoned site while the outcome of lawsuits were pending after there were litigations about the contents of the area And on the one day that one of the security guards didnt show up to work two scavangers looted the abandoned nuclear site and took a bunch of radioactive shit including a capsule of Cesium Chloride and a Radiotherapy device core -which they would have no idea were as dangerous as they were until later in the day when they both started displaying symptoms of radiation vomiting diarrhea dizziness external burns where the capsule had been exposed to After breaking the radioactive core open one of the looters noticed the contents appeared as a “glowing blue” powder-like substance He proceeded to sell it to a local scrapyard and the owner of said yard invited every person he could to come witness the mysterious powder By this time multiple of one of the looter’s fingers and the other’s forearm had needed amputation due to the effects of direct exposure and after 2 weeks of the radiactive goods’ theft 6 locations had been contaminated and 112000 people were examined for radiation exposure about 1000 of these people identified as having recieved “more than a year’s worth of background radiation” All because this security guard played hooky and took his family to see Herbie Goes Bananas Meme





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