TAKE YOUR PUSH UPS UP A NOTCH . Yesterday we looked at a progression to get your first push up. Today I want to go the other way and show you how to make it more difficult. . Many people move on from push ups after they build a strength base in favor for more heavily loaded movements like the bench press. But the push up still offers a lot of benefits, especially for the strength athlete.🏋️‍♂️ . I like to see push ups in my athletes' prehab programs because they offer something unique over our other horizontal pressing movements...the scapula continue to move. I see a lot people with an inability to control and move their scapula freely. Part of that is because most of our traditional training movements have our shoulder blades pinned down and back and we never move them.🚦 . The push up keeps the shoulder blades moving, so they are a great way to maintain that scapular control. . 🌋This variation, termed the Chaos Pushup from @smittydiesel, is one of my favorite ones to use as it's a good bang your buck exercise. Not only do we work the scapular motion, but we force the rotator cuff to engage harder and dynamically stabilize our shoulder joints. Quality over quantity here. Focus, control, and don't let yourself get sloppy. . Tag a friend who needs some shoulder prehab and share the wealth! . Prehab101