supernova2395: madmints: kasaron: edwardspoonhands: hoiplatapolloi: gifsboom: Perfect magnets Fun story: One of the first things I was taught as an astronomy student is that, if you want to be a dick to someone giving a presentation, ask them “and how do the magnetic fields play into this?” and they will invariably say “fuck you I don’t know” because no one understands magnetic fields they are black magic. Originally posted by fencehopping Magnets are pure bullshit. Pure utter bullshit. Electromagnetic forces somehow outstrip gravitic forces in strength by an obscene factor, for no reason I can comprehend and it bothers me. I love magnets One, that gif showing the Curie temperature is really cool. Two, you don’t understand, magnetic fields are the bane of my existance and I have a masters dissertation about them. I studied how magnetic fields develop in low mass stars and every single meeting with my supervisor ended in some conversation about how stupid magnetism is.“Oh yeah and this is effected by the magnetic field strength…”“But why?”“God knows, I don’t have a clue.”Was literally said to me by a professor who has spent 20 years of his life looking at magnetism in stars.ALSO:“Don’t ask why, we don’t know. Maybe magnetism? Who knows anything about magnetism.” - My Stellar Physics professor when asked about certain processes in stellar formation, something he has been studying for 10 years.Like we know so little about that it’s actually funny.

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