sxssygrl: c-bassmeow: stuff-n-things17: boytshik: palestinianliberator: fleurissante: uonthaa: pxlestine: [WATCH] Palestine TV female reporter is being harassed on air by Israeli occupation terrorists in Aboud, West Bank Men are disgusting … And these soldiers are right at the top … scum of the earth It gets even worse when you listen to what she’s trying to report. She’s saying that the policy of collective punishment pursued by the Israeli government is a racist endeavor meant to strangle and suffocate the Palestinian citizens into submission, and the IDF scum are berating her, mocking her, and trying to tell her that she’s wrong [while the cameraman tries to encourage her to ignore them and keep on reporting] The soldier to our left is continuously repeating “Allahu Akbar” in a taunting manner, while also mocking the Muslim call to prayer. IDF scum are literally berating a news reporter with racist and xenophobic taunts AS she’s reporting about their racist practices Fuck Israel. Fuck the IDF. The amount of liberal anti-semites is staggering. I thought the left hated Nazis. The IDF and Israel don’t represent Judaism. [look up the history of socialist, leftist Jewish people who fought against hardline Zionism] Unless that’s what you’re trying to say here. I don’t follow the logic. Treating Palestinians like dogs is okay because criticism of Israel is inherently anti-Semitic? Ok I’m honestly tired. Being pro-palestine or anti-Zionism doesn’t make you anti-Semitic!! Anti-semitism is blatant hatred, discrimination and/or prejudice against JEWISH PEOPLE. Anti-Zionism is opposition to a POLITICAL IDEOLOGY. Even criticizing how harmful this ideology is, or criticizing Israel DOES NOT MAKE YOU ANTI-SEMITIC 📢📢📢!!!! So honestly, some of y’all need to learn this distiniction because it’s getting tiring repetitive hearing y’all jump to this argument whenever somebody defends Palestine. And on this video, the IDF are showing how trash they are on live tv if y’all wanna defend that then I’m sorry 😂……………?

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