İlke z test pull Get as close as possible without letting more of the tongue's surface area touch the pole Alternative Method 0 se warm water Pour water from a water bottle over the tongue and the pole Do not use water that is cold or it may freeze and exacerbate the problem Be Aware Do not try to loosen your tongue with your own saliva Although saliva is relatively warm the small amount you will be able to generate is likely to freeze on your tongue If another person is present have him or her pour warm not hot water over your tongue This may be difficult to articulate while your tongue is stuck-pantomiming a glass of water poured over your tongue should do the trick Warm the pole wih yr ui wti your ton How To THWART AN AFFECTIONATE COSTUMED MAScoT er all ood medi 1S tial restau tuate fave hark an- e to nc- to How rO ESCAPE FROM A GIANT OCTOPUS 1 Pull away quickly In many cases a human can escape from the grasp of small- to medium-sized octopus by just swimming away Propel yourself forward to create a pulling pres- sure on the octopus's arms If you cannot get away or if you feel yourself being pulled back continue to the next step 2 Do not go limp Octopi are naturally curious and if strong enough will check to see if you are a food item before letting you go Do not act passively or you may be bitten or quickly enveloped by the octopus's web a flexible sheath used to trap prey Once you are caught in a web-over escape will be extremely difficult However octopi tire easily so continue to put pres- sure on the arms by attempting to swim away The octopus may decide to let you go rather than bring ou in for a closer look 3 Prevent the octopus's arms from wrapping around your arms The COMPLETE WORST-CASE SCENARIO Survival Handbook Includes Searchable CD With All 11 Handbooks plus wallpapers and more By Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht novelty-gift-ideas Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook Meme








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