OldNews But I Think MeatEaters & Vegans Should Know... KendrickFarris OlympicWeightLifting Champion 2016 NoCruelty NoDairy NoMeat Vegan VEGANisLIFE VEGANforLIFE VeganForTheEarth VeganForThePeople VeganForTheAnimals VEGANforGoodReason 👉🏾@Alvi_5d -"Repost-Follow👉 @vegantake0ver - Kendrick Farris is an Olympic weightlifter, and Olympian who went vegan in late 2014. He broke the American lifting record for clean-and-jerk with three lifts totaling 377 kg (743 lbs) in May of 2016. Who said vegans aren't strong? Lmao. The vegan movement is growing and with the quickness. We aren't different except for we don't eat dead animals. We do all the same things other people do and often times we do it much better and we do it while letting the world know we care about the planet we inhabit, the animals and our health. VeganPower VeganStrong PoweredByPlants PoweredByFruits VeganTakeOver **FredrickHarris VeganFitness PlantStrong VeganismIsTheAnswer HealthIsWealth KnowledgeIsPower ConsciousGod

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