theinfiknight: theabyssalmeme: melancholy-starlight: rynnay: thelegendofben: detectiveshipwreck: What would even happen to you? somebody mod this into portal and let the physics engine work it out. The implications are terrifying. Good news! I have the solution. PORTALS CAN’T MOVE. If you place a portal on a surface, and then that surface moves, the portal immediately closes. A good example of this is one of the last test chambers in the first game. There is a surface that, upon a button press, is tilted upwards at an angle. If you place a portal there and THEN hit the button, the portal disappears. The ONE, SINGULAR EXCEPTION to this has been in Portal 2 when you are deactivating the neurotoxin generator. But it is fair to assume in all other cases a portal would not be allowed to move. I will grant you that it may just be the limitations of it Being a Video Game. But there is no more concrete evidence to suggest they could move in reality than there is to suggest they couldn’t. However, just for funsies, someone did in fact pull this off in-game to let he physics engine figure it out and the results are… Well, it’s something. Holy shit