wheezboys: twinsfawn: twinsfawn: crunchywrites: twinsfawn: this is the most compelling evidence ryan’s ever gotten don’t @ me Ok, as someone who has been to Colchester Castle multiple times and was last there in August 2017, I feel I have to say something. What Ryan heard was, almost certainly, one of the museum exhibits. The castle is 90% museum these days and it has a lot of little displays - earlier in the video you see them walking around through them. However, one bit that they didn’t film as much was an area about Boudica‘s sacking of Colchester. My memory isn’t perfect but I know for a fact that there are several video and audio displays there that run on timers, looping after a set amount of time. I can’t say for certain if they were on when the boys were in the castle, but given that the lights were on when they first entered (as can be seen through the castle door at the start of the episode), I’m going to say with 99% confidence that what they heard was one of the displays. Sorry Ryan. RIP THANKS FOR KILLING MY DREAMS a point has been made I’m pretty sure Ryan would either say it could be an exhibit since he doesn’t like giving us evidence that isn’t reliable, or Shane would have dug up this fact to rub it in his nose by now

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